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    US is involved in ‘Hot War’ with Russia, fought by proxies


    William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages.

    作者簡介:William Engdahl是一個成功的地緣政治分析師和戰略風險顧問,他在國際上最暢銷書籍被翻譯成13種外國語言。

    US President Barack Obama (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)

    美國總統奧巴馬(左)和俄羅斯總統普京(法新社圖片/Jewel Samad)

    Edward Snowden is a ‘red herring’ and the ‘childish’ cancelation by Obama of a meeting with Putin in September is of little significance as the US president has little to offer Russia, William Engdahl a geopolitical analyst, told RT.

    斯諾登不過是轉移注意力的話題,奧巴馬孩子氣地取消在九月份與普京的會面不疼不癢,因為美國總統沒有什么什么能拿捏住俄羅斯的,地緣政治分析家威廉 恩達爾告訴路透社。

    The real issues of missile defense, Syria and Iran will remain unresolved because of a policy pursued by Washington of full spectrum dominance, where the sole super power the US seeks to dictate military, economic and financial terms to the entire world, Engdahl added.

    真正的議題如導彈防御,敘利亞和伊朗將不會得到解決,因為華盛頓奉行全方位支配的政策,唯一的超級大國尋求強加軍事,經濟和金融準則給全世界,威廉 恩達爾補充道。


    RT: The Russian deputy foreign minister didn’t have a particularly productive discussion with the US Secretary of State in Brussels. Are there any indications that the same talks that are happening today will be any different?


    William Enghdal: I doubt it rather seriously. The decision by President Obama to cancel the meeting with Putin before the G20 meeting is really an indication of a lack of strategy on the part of Obama rather than the putting down of Russia. The background to that is the fact that there are not only fundamental differences between the two sides, the United States government in Washington has been trying since the end of the Cold War to dismantle Russia, quite simply, with missile defense, with the plundering of their economy through using the IMF and shock therapy in the ’90s.

    威廉 恩達爾:我相當懷疑??偨y奧巴馬取消與普京在G20會議前會面的決定顯示了奧巴馬一邊缺乏戰略的跡象,而不是打壓俄羅斯。整件事的背景是這兩邊不僅僅存在根本的分歧,美國華盛頓政府自冷戰結束后一直努力肢解俄羅斯,很簡單,通過導彈防御,通過利用國際貨幣基金組織和九十年代的休克療法搞垮他們的經濟。

    Now that Obama is back in the presidency they are finding a far more difficult negotiating partner over questions like Syria, over issues like the missile defense and others. Snowden, I think is a red herring, simply an excuse that is very convenient to use at this point.



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